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Denervation Wrist joint – Wilhelm procedure – Osteoarthrosis wrist – pain wrist

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All our joints age, as does the whole body. The cartilage (Slidelayer) degenerates. Up to date no treatment is known to influence this process .

Mostly hip, knees and ankles, as well the wrist joint are affected. Usually the Osteoarthrosis at the hand /  the wrist causes little problems; the mobility and strength decreases slightly, occasionally moderate pain occurs. This process increases  over many years. The patient is usually fine with this, no medical intervention is required.

In some patients, permanent and severe symptoms occur, everyday life is severely impaired.

The diagnosis is quick and safe done on the basis of the hand-surgical examination and a X-Ray image.

therapy nonoperative: Injection of a corticoid or cartilaginous liquid (Hyaluron) in the wrist.

Operative: transsection of the pain nerves on the wrist. Solely directly related to the joint, pain-conducting nerves are severed. The nerves responsible for sensibility and motion stay (of course) intact.

Pain stimulus is still present, but is not forwarded. Arthrosis itself does not change. This is a small, low-risk procedure that brings with it some scars, no negative consequences.

problems: Not all patients benefit from denervation, 10-20% still have no or only insufficiently reduced complaints. The effect of the procedure often recedes after a few years.

What’s next:

App. 1-3 days splint.. The hand is mostly functional at the day of the operation. Little pain. Physiotherapy.    

Conclusion Dr. med. Stefan Peters: An elegant, less stressful way to significantly improve the arthrosis-associated discomfort of the wrist. Effect lasts for several years. Patients are usually fully satisfied with the result.

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