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Ergotherapy – Function-specific treatment – Work therapy


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Here you’ll find sone information about Ergotherapy



The focus of Ergotherapy is the treatment of hand-specific problems. Physiotherapy has the regaining of strength and movement as a major goal; Ergo therapy takes care of the functionality of the hand.  In case of permanent functional limitations, Ergotherapists modifies the common all day tools for better usability. Good Rehabilitation after severe hand injuries would be inconceivable without Ergo therapy.


Ergo therapy is usually part of the catalogue of Services, paid by the Public Health insurances. There is a catalog in which is set, in which diagnoses an how much Ergotherapy and possibly other rehabilitative measures may be prescribed. In our experience, the current situation is sufficient to allow an acceptable treatment. We think that despite the quantitative limit regulation enabled services are usually sufficient.

What happens?

If your doctor considers Ergotherapy would be useful you will get a prescription. Usually 6 applications are included in each prescription. The number of weekly treatments is set in the recipe. Unless indicated, we also give from general recommendations where you can go for Ergotherapy. Ergo therapists often cooperate with physiotherapists.

For returning, additional recipes you should meet your doctor again.


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