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Here you can let us know how you think about us

Please give us the opportunity to become even better. Any feedback is read by the doctor / doctors and taken seriously. Of course, also criticism is welcome .

What we’re interested in:

How is the result of our work? What were the processes? Does the application and, if necessary appointment work? Did you feel in good hands with us? What can we do better? And of course everything else that’s on your mind. Also technical notes about our Internet presence or apparatus or improvements to our facilities are of interest to us.

How can you let us now?

It is easy! Click on the link to our contact in the footer at the bottom right (or here) and send us your opinion. Of course you can give your feedback by mail, email, fax or phone.

Review sites

In the context of the rapid Internet development  external review portals play an increasing role.

For example: Almost everyone who has posted online more frequently a hotel, has informed at one of the known portals.

In medicine, the development in this direction is in rapidly growing.

Positive is the ability to make them accessible to the quality of services medical service a large number of people. Negative (in our opinion): Chance incorrect, partly offensive ratings are provided online. These portals give the patient (customer) just the opportunity to express themselves anonymously exaggerated negative. It must be remembered that the institutions concerned in the case of coated negative evaluation have little opportunity to fight back. The evaluator, however, has nothing to fear. Although this medium is not without its problems, however we would encourage  you to rate us here. The most important  portals:

Links Dr. Stefan Peters

 Dr. med. Stefan Peters, von sanego empfohlen


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
    Trauma Surgery
    General Surgeon

    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
    General Surgeon
    Trauma Surgery

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