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Frequent asked questions

International customers: We are ready to serve you. Communication is possible in German or English. If your native language is different, it is useful to bring in a person you trust for translation.

We will gladly give you an estimate in advance of the treatment costs. The balance of our costs should be sure in advance. No additional costs will occur. At present we accept only cash or treatment at the expense of insurance (documents should be available)

Self-pay: It is possible for all patients, even legally insured or non-insured, to pay our service. We are happy to give you in advance a binding estimate. Simply ask at registration or by phone.

A self payed treatment is usually much cheaper than you think. (For the treatment of most injuries, diseases, etc. We offer packages, similar to the “Physician Fee Schedule”. No Follow-up costs.)

Being in our pracice: , please make a list concerning questions on us, requests for certificates, etc. before the consultation and clarify with the supervisor MFA or the doctor. In the treatment room, when appropriate, please remove dressings and clothing and plasters.

E-Mail: Please understand that we can not answer medical questions via email. Send us an email, concerning organizational or other topics.

First registration: registration and waiting room are located in the same room directly behind the entrance door. It is an open waiting area, a separate waiting room is not provided.

Discretion: Would you give your information about your personal data during registration personally, please notify when registering. You are welcome to provide us with the information later, for example  at the beginning of the consultation in the treatment room under “four eyes”.

Bring in: insurance card, current medical documents (letters, reports, x-rays, discharge summaries).

Appointments: regularely, we, as a Trauma practice which provides emergency treatment, we are working in a „first come, first serve“ base. However, under certain circumstances Appointments are possible. Please ask, when contacting us.

Accidents/Emergency: Fresh accidents (of the same date) are welcome consistently during practice opening times. Prior registration by phone is recommended.

X Ray in minors: X Rays diagnostics at persons under 18 years of age need a written permit (Exception: Emergency) from parents (father or mother is fine)

X Ray and pregnancy: normally no X Ray is performed  at a possible or existing pregnancy. You must inform the employee prior to the examination in the radiology department, if this applies to you / could be match.

Waiting times: We do our utmost. In an practice with emergency/injury treatment, these are unfortunately often unavoidable. At checking in ask for the approximate duration and possibly leave the practice for a definite time.


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
    Trauma Surgery
    General Surgeon

    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
    General Surgeon
    Trauma Surgery

  • Hours of Service

    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30

    fresh accidents
    (the same day):

    Monday to Friday 8:00–18:00 clock

    … and by appointment.