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Picture Ganglion Finger Picture Ganglion Wrist – Mucoidcyst – jointcyst

here you can see some case report by photo. Patients have been operated and documented by Dr. Peters

Case 1: Ganglion Finger (Sailboarder)with deformed Fingernail

This is a typical case for Ganglion originated from the distal interphalangeal finger joint.

The joint is situated ca. 10mm proximal the nailborder. From this area, the cyst has spreader out distal direction fingernail.

As a result of the Ganglion pressure at the Nailmatrix, the Nail is deformed subsequent to the ganglion.

Situation pre Operation:


Ganglion2praeop schraeg

 when finished Operation:

The cyst is removed completely, including the thinned skin surface. The Gap in the joint capsule is sutured with a special material. The Missing skin area is covered with a rotation flap.


Coming up: Pictures of the final result, app. 1/2 year after op. The Nail appearance has changed to normal. The scare is barely visible.


Case 2: Ganglion situated below the thumbnail with massive Nail affection.

Here you can see a relatively extreme case. The Ganglion, originated from the DIP joint has moved / is grown under the fingernail.

The ganglion is not direct visible. It causes the deformity at the lower right part of the nail.

Ganglion mit ausgeprägter Nagelwuchsstoerung

The patient has been successful operated by Dr. Peters.

Until now no pictures of the final result exist. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity, to publish pictures later.


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