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General surgery

Surgical practice Alster Hamburg Poppenbuettel – Tel: 040 602 30 06



Diagnosis and treatment of diseases / injuries / concerning  the human body. What is meant here is the Bodyshell with all structures other than bone. The large body cavities (chest and abdomen) are part of our counseling and therapy. Surgical procedures of chest or abdomen are done exclusively in  hospitals.


Academic prerequisites:

Training and assessment in accordance with regulations of the German health authorities / ministries

Our Qualification: Many years of experience in the implementation of operational procedures and in the post-treatment after implementation of hospital operations.


Technical requirements:

OP tract, equipped  with state of the art medical systems.

All major anesthetic procedures, including general anesthesia (no Peri- or Epidural anesthesia)

Anesthesia and subsequent patient care through specialist for anesthesia

Knowledge of anatomy and clean, modern surgery.

We run a quality management system with external supervision.


General surgery in the “Surgical practice Alster”


The Doctors:

* Dr. Stefan Peters: Hand surgeon, trauma surgeon and general surgeon

* Dr. Stephan Berg: orthopedic surgeon, trauma surgeon and general surgeon

*longterm experienced Specialists for surgery as an employee / representative


Our daily routine:

Ingrown nails

Inflammations, superficial or subcutaneous abscesses

Post-operative treatment in the hospital


umbilical hernia

Tumors of the skin and subcutaneous



In the past done by hairdressers, the surgery  has developed rapidly starting in the late 19th century.This was made possible from: the development of safe anesthetic procedures, and the explosion of research, brought by industrialization. German Medicine had famous Founders: Theodor Billroth (born in baltic sea Island Rügen), Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Mikulicz and many others. (Those who are interested we recommend books of the Writer Juergen Thorwald : The century of surgeons and world empire of Surgeons)


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
    Trauma Surgery
    General Surgeon

    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
    General Surgeon
    Trauma Surgery

  • Hours of Service

    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30

    fresh accidents
    (the same day):

    Monday to Friday 8:00–18:00 clock

    … and by appointment.