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Handsurgeon Dr. Stefan Peters

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Hand Surgery involves treatment of disorders / injuries to all structures of the hand: skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendon, blood vessels, nerve and bone.
Often, especially after trauma,  several oft the structures are involved.

Academic requirements:
A hand surgeon learned during his training skills in different technics:
Plastic Surgery
Blood vessel surgery
Nerve surgery
Tumor surgery
Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy

Technical requirements:
Tissue gentle operating technics / detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the hand
Magnifying glasses (4 times magnification is widespread),
well trained in  all common methods of local anesthesia

Hand Surgery in the “Surgical practice Alstertal”
Your hand surgeon is Dr. Stefan Peters.

I qualified as a handsurgeon after a 4 year training in the department for Hand, Plastic and Microsurgery of the BG Trauma Hospital Hamburg (“Boberg”).

In addition to the standard operations (Carpal tunnel, Dupuytren, Ganglion, Trigger finger) I perform all in the menu “Hand Surgery” listed operations by myself. All Operations can be done in local anaestesia. My speciality is Dupuytren repair, even by heavy finger contractures.

The ambulant repair of broken bones in the hand and forearm with screws and plates made ​​of the metal titanium is  another speciality of our practice. We use the latest procedures. Immediately after operation you can leave our practice.

In Germany, to qualify as a “Hand Surgeon“ a 3 year training in a hand surgery department in a specialised hospital is mandatory. To be eligible for the examination by the medical association, a minimum number of operative and non-operative therapies must be demonstrated. The Testing is done by the medical association.

A hand surgeon must therefore have qualified in Germany this way. On the other hand, hand surgery activity is not bound to this qualification; any doctor who feels encouraged to do so, can be hand surgically active and present this also according as his work area.

The hand surgery has emerged as an independent discipline in the mid-20th century. This was to some extent in the air, since the increase of medical knowledge and the amount of injuries in the hand and improved technical possibilities made better achievements and new directions in the treatment of hand disorders and injuries possible.

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