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Dupuytren recurrence – Recidive SURGERY DUPUYTREN-extremly flexed Finger – DUPUYTREN HOPELESS – RECURRENCE DUPUYTREN


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Due to the non-curability of Dupuytren disease, (even multiple) reocurrence of contracted Finger or contractures of the fingers and palm is not uncommon. Also, some patients wait until the  fingers are extremely curved, even touching the palm area.

Often the patient got the information that: “the Dupuytren is not longer operable”, or worse, “It is necessary to amputate the finger”.




General principle of treatment is in such (difficult) cases avoiding major damage of the finger. Also, damage to nerves or blood vessels should be avoided. Goal can often not be anymore to bring the fingers in a complete extension;

However,a realistic goal is  substantial reduction in the curvature and thus massive improvement in function of the hand.

Here is a typical “disaster case” and the follow up after treatment by Dr Peters documented.

Operating room


Depending on the findings, Dr. Peters performs a “two-step” operation. This means, first as a limited engagement only strang separation at essential areas in local anesthesia. This is done via mini-sections, which heal quickly. By this measure, the curvature is reduced to the extent that after a few weeks, the radical strang removal is possible. With the necessary experience and prudence good to very good results can be achieved.


The operations are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia or Armnervbetaeubung.


What’s next


Preparatory OP


After the strang capping only a few days Plaster. Hand, since only minimal wounds, will be in normal condition very soon.


Main OP:


Stiff Plaster (thumb, index and middle finger mostly free) for 3 days. Little pain. Adequate pain killers supplied at the end of the operation. Frequently physiotherapy for a few weeks after the surgery necessary. Sick leave according to the activity for 2 to 4 weeks.

Here you can see a typical case documentation, Operations done by Dr. Peters in 2015

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