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Dupuytren – Dupuytren’s contracture – Finger contracture

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benign thickening of the palm’s or finger’s connective tissue layer. Often starts with a nodule, later finger flexion contractures occur. 90% of all are men affected, mostly by genetic predisposition. The appearance and increasing in timeline of this benign affection is individual and not predictable.


Therapeutic options

Exclusively with OP, the nodules and   thickenings  can be removed radically. Recidive  is possible, but the long term results after qualified operation are mostly good . Also X-ray irradiation or local thickening/contracture interruption through an injection is possible . Here, however, significant problems can result. -> Individual advice!

Even heavily flexed and contracted fingers can be straightened. In those special cases (Flexion Ankle in comparison to a “normal” finger more than 150 Degrees) Dr. Peters uses a two step operation technique.

Operative procedure

(No general anesthesia is required!) in subaxillary Plexus local anaesthesia and “Snooze”, local radical removal of the alterated tissue. The / fingers is / are at the end of the OP almost always 100% able to get in normal extension. Duration of surgery usually 1 to 2 hours. After about 4 hours you can go home.

What’s next

Stiff plaster (thumb, index and middle finger mostly free) for 3 days. Little pain. Adequate pain medication you receive at the end of OP. Often physical therapy for several weeks after the surgery necessary. Start working in the job, app. 2 to 4 weeks after Operation.

However: (online) research mostly gives the impression, that Reoccurance of Dupuytren is common. My experience over the years comes to a different conclusion: If the operation is done professional and as radical as possible, the majority of patients dont need another operation in the future.


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