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 Paronychia- Panaritium – ingrown Nail

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Our most common disease. Paronychia is a bacterial infection in the Nail pouch.

By ineffective or wrong nail care and many other causes bacteria fall into the gap nail / nail pocket. Once the bacterias are in the pouch, extinction is sometimes difficult. Often the infection is spreading, there is a painful putrid  swelling of Toes/ finger. However, even when this problem first appears trivial, it can lead to a bacterial infection of the bone, which is located directly under the nail bed. In our view, the problem of ingrown / inflamed nail is often underestimated.


Ointments, baths and other  can applicated some days; we experience almost daily  patients who come   weeks after frustrate Treatment in our practice, with spread infection. Why? Because they fear, the surgeon “will operate without hesitation.” Indeed:, only by a small, painless incision performed under local anesthesia nail part removal and Cleaning can solve this problem quickly, safely and comfortable.

However,if there is an option, to cure without operation, we will suggest this as well. The decision regarding the date from which wait is useless and the infection worsens, becomes chronic, is our most often decisions to be taken.


Operation room

in local (Oberst) anesthesia removal of a small nail part. chronic infected tissue will be removed. The whole procedure needs less than 5 minutes and is (due to the anesthesia) absolutely pain free.

What’s next

When surgical treatment is done, recovery within 2-5 days will happen. Some patients will need, if the problem reoccurs, a permanent Nail Plastic (Emmet procedure).


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