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Information about the whole procedure when undergoing hand surgery

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Here we inform you about the typical organisational procedure when undergoing surgery

The consultation led to an op appointment. The Op will be performed under local anesthesia or Nervenleitbetaeubung in the armpit (If general anesthesia was chosen, the topics have to be discussed in advance).

What  should you keep in mind before  surgery?

-No Scratches  or inflammation of the hand in the designated area.
– (Jewelry, marriage) rings must be removed before surgery at the concerned hand . If the ring can not be removed manually, a jeweler can open the ring by sawing.
-Nailtuning can remain
-Please wear relaxed and comfortable clothes. Please keep in mind, that a bandage or splint must be able to pass the sleeves.   -When subaxillary plexus applies, please wear short sleeved shirt or blouse. There is no need to remove clothes. You will be fitted with OP textiles worn over your clothes.

-You may eat and drink normally at operation day .
-continue your regular medication (except anticoagulants. This item must be discussed at primary consultation)

-Please bring in the signed operation agreement.
-if necessary, also bring relevant findings (Neurol. examination, MRI …).
-When your operation will take place in subaxillary Plexus, please calculate an approximately 4 hour stay in our practice.
-Please do not use a car.
-Please respect the appointment time (visible top left at the op agreement form). Delays or “no show” often result in  op cancellation and a fee may occur.
-Even If you have a valid OP appointment with designated daytime, in some cases a waiting time will occur. We try to avoid  this  issue, but emergency and anything else that can happen in a major surgical practice can alterate our schedule at a moderate level. However,  you may ask at the reception for the approximate waiting time.

The OP:
-in the entrance room you will be  equipped with head cover and overshoes. Clothes can be kept.                       -Valuables may be left (please keep in mind that we accept no liability)  in a locker.       -A small bag can be brought to the operating room.
-Some patients use an iPod for  music  during surgery … no problem!

When OP starts you must lie down at the operating table.
Dr. Peters will greet you by name and check the diagnosis and the concerned area at the hand.
-Are you very excited: do not panic! A harmless sedative can be given and will calm down your mind.
-local anaesthetic will be injected. Usually only a small “stitch”. Innovative “WALANT” procedure is possibly in most OP procedures.
-This is followed by desinfection and coverage of the corresponding body region with sterile tissue.
-Immediately before operation starts, Dr. Peters will check for successful anaesthesia.  When complete freedom from pain is secured, OP starts
-The surgery takes place. Usually you can talk   to Dr. Peters during OP.
-After applying bandage or cast you leave the OP. You will be equipped with useful information after surgery. -if applies:  you get sick leave at the reception.
-When you are back home and notice something weird, you can reach us by phone  or come in directly until 18:00.


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