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OP Description Rhizarthrosis (arthroplasty) en detail – Author preferred method:

The OP is performed by the hand surgeon Dr. Peters in an outpatient surgical tract of the surgical practice Alstertal .

In local anesthesia (Wrist nerv block) widening of the joint space by removing a small bone “chip”. This prevent the bone surfaces from having contact, to rub and, on top, pain in osteoarthritis almost comes from the border Cartilage/bone, so the pain producing zone is removed by this procedure. As result, pressure decreases, the joint shares no longer rub against each other.

In the now extended joint space smoothing and cleaning up the remnants joint (“joint toilette”) is done. A Spacer (Scaffdex Brand) is inserted or a small, perfused soft tissue flap is introduced into the joint cavity, which acts as a cushion there. This “lobes” is formed from the existing subcutaneous tissue.

Finally,  algetic nerves of the joint capsule will be cut, thereby resulting in a further reduction in pain.

Although the OP Description sounds after a major operation procedure, yet the OP is done in under 30 minutes. When finished OP the patient is ready to go home. It will be adjusted a Cast which immobilize the thumb to the forearm. The fingers remain free.

The day after operation a plaster renewal is done in our practice.


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