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Orthopedics – Orthopedic surgeon

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Academic prerequisites:
The training for orthopedic surgeon is around 5 years. At the end of the training, which is usually done in a hospital department for orthopedics, a Testing at the competent medical association must be completed.

Properties and capabilities of Orthodontists / the orthopedic surgeon:
The identification of malfunctions of in the muscolo-sceletal system requires a lot of experience. The Use and Interpretation of diagnostic tools (eg MRI, CT, ultrasound, Roentgen, laboratory tests) helps and is part of the profession.

Technical requirements:
X- Ray Unit, Operation Unit/ Sterilizer / mobile X Ray in the operation room

Orthopedic in the “Surgical practice Alster”:
Your orthopedic surgeon in our practice is Dr. Stephan Berg. In addition to his trauma surgery training Dr. Berg has passed the exam for orthopedic surgeon.
Required MRI, CT can  immediately  performed in our medical network associates.
If surgery is recommended, most procedures will be done in our Ambulatorium
In addition to the usual techniques of local anesthesia there is also the opportunity for general anesthesia, done by an experienced Medical Anaesthesic Specialist.
In addition to the treatment of acute pain (“lumbago”) many patients come with age caused joint pain and discomfort of the spine.
Age caused skeletal problems sometimes can not be cured, but the fight against the pain and achieving a good quality of life is our goal despite the disease.

The orthopedic surgeon treats or prevents diseases of the Muscolo-sceletal system. Even further treatment after injuries and  surgical procedures is part of the job.


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
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    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
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    Trauma Surgery

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