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Knee Meniscus rupture- Meniscus injury – knee pain

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Problems with Meniscus typically occur from the aging meniscus tissue. Also ruptures after heavy impact combined with twisting leg movement are common. Nutrition of the meniscus tissue is poor. For that reason, spontaneous healing of an injured Meniscus is not possible. A healthy meniscus works as a cushion between the cartilage of Femur and tibia. If the Meniscus got a rupture or even a crack, parts of the meniscus shift in the joint and impingement occurs. Beside the pain and reduced usability of the leg, the cartilage will be damaged and in the long term osteoarthrosis occur.


Most OP needed. Small cracks without symptoms can be treated conservative. As mentioned above, Meniscus healing is difficult. For some kind of ruptures, arthroscopic reinsertion is possible. Mostly, the disintegrated part of the meniscus must be removed and the edge of the remaining meniscus part has to be trimmed.

Operative procedure

It will be done without hospitalisation in the operation department of our practice. For example: you come in our practice in the morning. After OP  finish, you stay app. 2 hours in our wake up room and then go home.

In general anesthesia smoothing or reattachment of the meniscus. Elimination and trimming of collateral damage to the capsule, cartilage.

What’s next

After OP and wake up, you can go home. Mostly Cruches are necessary for some days. Physiotherapy helps to increase rehab.

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