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These are pictures, showing a typical case before and after operation. The whole operative treatment was done by Dr. Peters.

Case report: These pictures show the situation at the right hand of a 50 year old male. He was estimated as “not operable” before contacting me (Doctor Peters)

Pre Operation

finger is in maximal Extension

DSC_0052 DSC_0049

4 weeks after first step (local cutting of the contracture)

Operation was done in local anaesthesia. Small scars are visible. The maximal Extension is much better now, the finger is ready for radical Dupuytren removal

DSC_0057 DSC_0059

Result at the end of 2. step operation

done ambulant in subaxillary plexus. Please be not shocked, the appearance of the hand is typical at end of such operation. Meanwhile the healing is complete. No complications occurred. Pat. needs Physiotherapy for app. 6 – 10 weeks



Final Result 3 month after operation

however, the extension will increase further within app. 6 months. The appearance of the scare is not yet normal, the scare is (as always)stiff and red. This will come to a normal, hardly visible final result within the next time.



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