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First consultation – new in our practice – what to expect

Handsurgery, Orthopedic and general surgery Surgical practice Alstertal Phone +49-(0)40-6023006 hand surgeon Dr. Stefan Peters

General information on the first course of treatment

As part of your visit with us general data is first requested by an employee. For this purpose, you should carry your insurance card / insured evidence and relevant medical records.

In the treatment room:
When doctor shows up he will be supported by a medical assistant.

  • You will be asked about your symptoms  first.
  • Then the doctor will do  an investigation of the specific area.
  • Foreign findings (MRI, CT, laboratory, Sono, etc.) will be reviewed by us.
  • If appropriate, a X-ray examination will be done.
  • Subsequently, the physician assesses the present situation. If possible, he will tell you his diagnosis, valuing and discussing the findings.
  • If the diagnosis needs further investigation, so this is usually issued a referral to specialist colleagues and suggestions given, where to go.
  • If possible, the necessary treatment is performed immediately (Bandages, injections, small interventions, etc.) and post-treatment organized.
  • If an operation is necessary, so an appointment will be made. The OP explanation will be documented in a form.
  • Of course, this is not compulsory. We welcome it explicitly when you are initially only inform. In this case now the consultation, after you got your questions answered, will be terminated.
  • We encourage you, to discuss our findings with other doctors (“second opinion”). If you finally decide to get operated by us, you are warmest welcome.

Foreign findings/reports: it has been proven that the patient himself takes care of his findings, and these also possess the reports. Nothing is for you and us more annoying as when if you come to the discussion of findings and the reports are despite assurances not available !


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
    Trauma Surgery
    General Surgeon

    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
    General Surgeon
    Trauma Surgery

  • Hours of Service

    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30

    fresh accidents
    (the same day):

    Monday to Friday 8:00–18:00 clock

    … and by appointment.