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Information for all Patients without german public health insurance

Handsurgeon Dr. Stefan Peters

Ortopedic Surgeon Dr. Stephan Berg

-Do you posess a public health insurance,  and consider to pay us anyway?

(It is possible for all patients, even legally insured or non-insured to pay our service.)

-Don’t you own a public health insurance (or not a german)?

-Do You have a “private” health insurance. but don’t want to use, eg not to endanger the refund when not in use?


This information may be of interest:

Conditions for self payment

1. A treatment on account is usually much cheaper than you think.

2. We provide for the treatment of most diseases / Injuries packages, ie, follow-up costs do not occur.

3. The pricing can be done similar to the valid “private” patients GOÄ (fees for doctors), but must not.

4. Conclusion from (3): Our billing is not determined. We can do it flexible. Talk to us. We give you an estimation of the cost level before starting treatment. This estimate, however, is binding on us! We will try everything to  bill in a way that you are satisfied.

5. If further treatment with other doctors or diagnostic procedures is necessary, we will advice you how to manage it with an affordable cost level.

What advantages if  “self-pay”?

The germen public health insurance carries “all necessary for treatment” The dicision for whats necessary can not made by the doctor. So there may be more flexibility regarding the counseling therapy and treatment as usual.

Appointments  can be done with respect to public insurance customers flexible.

It is possible to improve your treatment, because we can also carry out investigations, which are not reimbursed under the public health insurance scheme; Under public health conditions we must  refer  to other doctors.

That could be preventable for individual payers, since the serviceswhich provided are a matter of agreement between the self-pay patients and us. (One could say it is a normal selection of customer relationship)


  • Dr. med. Stefan Peters
    Trauma Surgery
    General Surgeon

    Dr. med. Stephan Berg
    General Surgeon
    Trauma Surgery

  • Hours of Service

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    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30
    8:30–11:30 + 16:00–17:30

    fresh accidents
    (the same day):

    Monday to Friday 8:00–18:00 clock

    … and by appointment.